Thursday, October 13, 2011

All in the Family

All in the Family

acrylic and dry pigment on unstrectched canvas/
40" x 31" / 2002

acrylic and dry pigment on unstrectched canvas/
45" x 31" / 2002

You know BAMO because they're one of the premier interior design firms in the country/world or because you've you spent a certain amount of time perusing Corbu's Cave. They're the San Francisco interior design firm that I've known since their inception, actually even before. They assembled themselves out of the Charles Pfister company and I met the partners there in 1989.

Fast forward to this week when I learn that another one of their stunning projects has been published. It's the home of Candy Chuang in Hong Kong and I'm very pleased to be a small part of it. A few years ago I painted a dining room for her parents whose home is nearby on The Peak. I been on the Chuang family yacht, even jump off it to take dip in the South China Sea. I think there's a strong influence of water in the BAMO/Chuang projects. They're cool and refreshing anyway.

Those are my paintings over the green sofa.

Even though there's just one page showing my work I've decided to include the whole piece from Interiors Magazine since I think you might enjoy it. If you're interested I encourage you go to the online magazine to read the article which is deftly written by Zahid Sardar.  Zahid wrote and produced the cover story about my San Francisco flat back in 1993. Meanwhile the cover of this Oct/Nov Interiors Magazine is a shot by Tim Street Porter. Tim shot my place for HG in 1990. So you see it's all in the family.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Say Good-bye to summer and all of that. It just sailed out to sea on a container ship. Yes? No! I don't know why you say good-bye. I say hello.

Hello blog readers. Here and now I present one of my strangest commissions: a mural of the Charleston harbor with Fort Sumter on the horizon and a cargo vessel sailing away as a Gauguin nude rings the wet out of her hair. What the.....? I don't know but maybe this looks really kind of wonderful installed. Since I don't have pictures of that I decided to inundate you with multiple studio shots.

This piece was painted for the home of an architect who's well known for his beautifully detailed classical architecture. So given that I have to assume this rather eccentric wild mural looks great in its setting. Because if you have one sort of thing, a square for instance, you'd do well to counter it with a circle. Or you know how Marc Chagall's mural looks so great on the ceiling at the Palais Garnier.

This project was painted in 2003. What were you doing in 2003?  I had forgotten I painted this piece. But I dug it out to share with you because you're special. Maybe I'll be able to update you with some installation shots. In the meantime I give you image details, odd angles, and full views with ladders and such to give some idea of scale. The figure is close to life size. Actually maybe it is life size. What do think of all of this?
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