Sunday, May 30, 2010

Let Me Get This On My Chest

I have a project coming up where I'll be painting a porch floor. The location is a rural retreat in Ojai. That's: Oh, hi! It's going to be a pattern and I think I will use natural objects on the property as inspiration: twigs, leaves, stones, insects maybe, things like that. Years ago I painted a chest for myself and I think the floor will be similar.

Before I painted my own chest (see above) I did one for a client (see below). Leta Foster, the designer who commissioned the work, said it was her favorite object in the whole project. With that I had to do one for myself, although, I almost think I like the commissioned one better.

On the other hand if I were to paint one for myself today I think it would be more like another commissioned chest I painted. It's a BAMO project and like them it's cool and Modern and a little exotic which is more my mood these days.

What are you thinking about right now?

Friday, May 21, 2010

Artful Layers

Grand Hotel Villa Feltrinelli     Lake Garda     Italy

The story of my mirrors is layered and long. I'll try to be brief in describing it which means I'll leave some out so I'll probably end up revisiting the subject. The title of this post is my version of "Artful Lairs", a story written and produced by Zahid Sardar for the San Francisco Examiners' Sunday supplement magazine, Image. I'm talking 1993 but even at this early date you can see, if you look very closely, a tiny mirror cut-out. I used it in a three dimensional collage. I took an exquisite 18th century bull's eye mirror in gilt frame and used it in an irreverent way. The bullseye mirror image forms the "eye" in a surreal face made of flotsam. I made a number of collages of that sort and eventually scaled-up and translated the mirror into paint and graphite and other media.

Scott Waterman    home/studio   Image Magazine 1993

Scott Waterman    home/studio   Image Magazine 1993

Scott Waterman "Bug Box with Photoshop"

Fast forward to the early 2000s by which time I had moved to Oakland and a much larger studio space, a Victorian store front, late 1900s. Since I had the room my work grew in number and size. I explored the mirror image further and showed a portfolio to Bamo. Pamela Babey bought one of my graphite mirrors on the spot and the seed was planted for a future project which turned out to be a boutique hotel in northern Italy. If you, dear reader, ever get the chance to visit the Villa Feltrinelli I wish you'd take a picture of my work installed there and send it to me. I've never been! My mirror painting hangs in a prominent spot and there are a few of works of mine elsewhere in the Villa.

Scott Waterman   Oakland Studio   2001

Scott Waterman   Oakland Studio   2001

Scott Waterman   Oakland Studio   2001

Scott Waterman     acrylic and graphite on canvas

Scott Waterman     acrylic and graphite on canvas  Villa Feltrinelli

Style Saloniste, Diane Saeks wrote a profile on Pamela for City Paper and the mirror drawing Pamela bought from me is there in her chic living room. Actually at home and at work too because one of my largest mirror paintings also hangs in the Bamo lobby.

Scott Waterman  mirror drawing  Pamela Babey collection   San Francisco

Scott Waterman    mirror painting   acrylic and silkscreen on paper   BAMO  S.F. 

Now move with me to Los Angeles because that's where the story continues several years later. My studio has shrunk in size and my mirror work turns intimate again. I take another mirror image portfolio to Jennifer Long at Film Art L.A. She sells my work for use in movies, TV, and more, and that's how my work ended up on the set for "Wright vs. Wrong". It's a TV pilot. I have no idea when and if it will air but Debra Messing and Carrie Fisher are attached. Almost at the same time another agent of mine, Joanna Burke , placed my work in the Pasadena Showcase house. I saw it there. It looked nice. Amy Devault did the interior design.

Scott Waterman   mirror drawing   watercolor and charcoal on paper

Stay tuned for more on this series. There's more to come!

Friday, May 7, 2010


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Off to Venice to deliver this piece for the Venice art Auction 2010. I always secretly hope the work will come back to me. It hasn't so far.

(untitled 260, 2008)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Man in the Mirror

I have news about my mirror images. I've got links and stories and I've just got enough time right now to type these few words and add these few images. No, these drawings are not what I'm going going to tell about, there's more. These are mine but there are others. Wait.

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