Monday, October 26, 2020

I'll Be Your Mirrors

Paintings for sale. For the first time ever I've got paintings online for sale. I'm calling the collection, The Villa Mirrors. Some I've sold to private clients, a couple are in a restaurant in Charleston, S.C. and one hangs prominantly above the mantle in the main salon of the Villa Feltrinelli in Lago di Garda, Italy hence "The Villa Mirrors". While they last The Villa Mirrors are for sale on my webpage

Thursday, March 12, 2020

Return to the Scene of the Rhyme

I used words from Billie Elish and Beatles' songs in my painting.
I’m back! I’m back in Palm Beach at Bricktop’s restaurant with another big bird painting. That’s what the employees call it, “Big Bird”, and presumably they’ll call my second painting: “Big Bird 2” because it is a painting of a big bird too.
Near left my new painting and far right in the distance my first one.
My first one was a popular hit and there was immediately talk of painting more but here we are, it’s taken four years to get an order for a second one. Like the first it is an homage to Audubon and his “Birds of America”. The idea was to take a John James Audubon bird as subject matter but render it with a twist.
I caught the last of this sort of scene when I visited S. Florida in the early 80s.
A surfer from 60s California but I needed him as compositional motif.
With that assignment I immediately thought of the contemporary artist, Walton Ford, because he’s made a career of that sort of thing. Except I didn’t bother to reacquaint myself with Ford's paintings so my results are hardly anything like his and I’m glad of that. Both my paintings combine a sort of serious fauna study with some playful and absurd representations of life in South Florida.
Shes seems like fun, so I couldn't resist.
It's always good to get another perspective on things.
And by the way the second big bird isn’t even based on Audubon, rather an image I found in the Biodiversity Library. Still it looks like an Audubon. Sounds like an Audubon? Let’s say is rhymes with Audubon.
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