Saturday, December 14, 2013

Orlando (revisited)

Orlando, the beginning.
Transformations, costumes, make-up, elaborate scenes, I'm thinking of Orlando and I mean both. I took another look at the movie recently which seems appropriate for Xmas time/ winter solstice. There's a surprising amount of action taking place on ice. Actually, just now I'm realizing the ice as a support, as a stage, may represent how quickly and easily things can slip and change dramatically. Time is an ocean, perhaps it's really a frozen ocean. 

Sometime I sit and think and sometime I just sit.
The big Chill.
Another time, another century in fact.
The Middle East. It always really is the middle.
Waking up with a different sex. You know how things like that happen?

Anyway, the other Orlando, the one in Florida is where I'm headed to right after the winter solstice in time for Xmas. Right back where I started from, a particular starting point anyway. Sometime after I get back I plan to post some more recent painting work. That will be more the normal state of this blog. Is that right? Normal?

Gone tomorrow.
Until we meet again.

Yes, loyal readers I've taken you here before.

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