Sunday, July 15, 2012

All Over The Map

LGT corporate cities rendered in Mercator typeface
Lightening followed immediately by thunder, I mean it was that close (!), and torrential rain causing instant flooding. That's where I was mere days ago: Atlanta. It was pretty thrilling, actually, the same way a little seismic action electrifies those people visiting from outside of California. But I am back in L.A. now, though, I was downstairs in Antarctica a little earlier today. I'll explain. It's all part of my restoration process, trying to resurrect past projects from my haphazard, on the fly photography. I re-shot some of my work while I was in Atlanta. More about that later. Today I'm all over the map, my world map mural. Go back to an earlier entry for some history but here I'm posting more in a series of rectified images for my new site.

Assorted compass roses
Installation view of my map mural
See, I told you Antarctica was downstairs.
Make it work. I know someone lays claim that phrase but really, it so describes what I do from the beginning to the end of my painting projects and beyond. Right now I'm in the beyond stage which is where I make selections from terrible photographs of my work and make them work with a little help from Photoshop, a lot actually. Then I cut and paste together a collage of impressions to give some sense of what it's all about. My Liechtenstein Global Trust World Map Mural was never lit properly, well maybe, but when I was there to shoot it wasn't so that's a challenge.

Coat of Arms and Crest for the Liechtensteins
Top center of my map mural.
Assorted map icons.
So it is my hope that with a little detail here, a scribbly sketch there, some paint dabs on a card, and various camera angles you'll put it all together in your head and will be transported to the best vantage point to view my work. Is it working? If not or if it is I suggest you acquire my work for yourself. That's the best solution yet. 

Another installed view and sketches.
Palette, details, and Antarctica at the bottom of the stairs.

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