Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Within Artistic Circles

From left to right: Agave attenuata, David Lynch, and Agave Americana

Note, the art life of David Lynch on the floor in the corner awaiting transport to the Leo Castelli Gallery, NYC.

Lynch has been on my mind. His Twin Peaks has returned just as predicted and there’s a theatrical biopic out that explores his artistic development.  So I dug out of my files a House and Garden magazine piece from 1988 that explores the enigma that is David Lynch. It’s just a sketch really, a brief article with some teasing shots of his Lloyd Wright Hollywood Hills lair. Still, I remember pouring over it, fascinated. At the time I was living in Atlanta so his backyard fauna looked especially alien, of course the inside looked pretty freaky too but I was drawn to both. In the house on the floor leaning against the wall was one his works of art, something other than a film. What was it? In fact, this was one piece from his debut show at Leo Castelli’s famed New York gallery.

Above,  a selection of my works show in context. Contemplative gifts.

Fast forward to 2017 and David Lynch and I are in the same artistic circles. No, we’re not actually, but without any planning or awareness on my part I’ve been mining a similar vein of minimalist imagery, concentric circles. Here in Los Angeles David shows his work at Kayne Griffin Corcoran so I’ve seen his most recent work and it bears little resemblance to the piece seen in House and Garden.  He’s changed. Meanwhile I’m quite happy to take up the cause. What we need now are more places to stop and contemplate the quiet Zen hum of the Universe. Art must be transcendental. That’s the way I see. What about you?

P.s. Want more? It's here.


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