Wednesday, March 13, 2013



 Meet me in Cyberspace.  I'm always there!

 I guess we all are (always here) either by virtue of the content we post, blogging, emailing or just the foot prints we leave behind traipsing from one page to the next. They tell us all this activity lasts forever on some server somewhere. Forever.

I try to be thoughtful about what I post without being intimidated by eternity. What else can we do? Now, let's look at some pictures of a non-physical terrain created by computer systems, shall we?

 I created a number of installations for my paintings, not commissioned work, but work from my extensive collection. They've already been posted elsewhere, although, here on Blogger content gets picked up by Google searches so it really gets spread around and I've just got to spread more of me around cyberspace. What about you?

By the way I try to end these posts with a question not to be rhetorical but in the hope that you dear readers really will answer me, something, anything. I want your words not just your foot prints from Lodz, Lodzkie, Poland; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Chester-le-street, Durham, United Kingdom; Cheonan, Ch'ungch'ong-namdo, Korea, Republic of; Jeddah, Makkah, Saudi Arabia; Cairo, Al Qahirah, Egypt; and even Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. I see all of you have visited me and you've all left your footprints. 

And from Alberta, Canada I received this nice note from one of my most ardent fans:

Dear Scott,
I hope that you will accept a sincere apology! Winters are long up here!
I truly enjoy your lovely creative spirit- you are virtuoso! Looking at your
work gives me great delight. I am not in any way a threat - and don't plan a blog- I do enlarge the pics to be able to enjoy and see. Thank you kindly with respect for access to enjoy your lovely works of art!
Sincerely, DB Edmonton- (Since your first mention of Edmonton- I began to prep a note to you - too long to publish here.) I read and reread your work like an enjoyable book! All the Best! Thank you, Scott!

I knew my fan in Edmonton only through her cyber footprint and there were so many! I mean really a lot! I chided her for not bother to write me since she obviously is so interested in my work. That's the back story and hence the content and tone of her comment. Thank you Edmonton!
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