Thursday, September 27, 2012

Site Seeing

It's so close to going live I'm going to declare this my last blog-post before I announce my revamped website of (mostly) commissioned artworks. So I'm giving you one last little tease with another composite picture. This composite represents one of my most diverse commissions. There were three parts to the commission, one part consists of three works, one part consists of four works, and the third part is a single mural. Actually the set of four works were ready made for the Henderson Village,  the designer bought them finished right out of my studio. The mural and silhouettes are very 19th century which is the look and architectural period of the resort but the four works from my studio while contemporary also fit beautifully as they recall twisted wrought iron associated with rural country life. And I thought it was especially clever of Amelia Handegan to include them to bring the place into the present while maintaining the atmosphere.  Then again the period quilt hung like a painting reminds us that abstraction is nothing new.

Composite of my work at Henderson Village

The little detail of my mural, the boat and the figure on the side, is taken directly from a work by Rufus Porter. His work has the charm and stylization of an itinerant naive folk artist artist but in fact he worked out some very sophisticated ideas of pictorial perspective and published his ideas in Scientific America. Actually he held more than 100 patents for inventions. It's quite fascinating that he was also an itinerant muralist. His works are found throughout New England and he inspired countless followers including me!

What's your inspiration?
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