Saturday, December 11, 2010


It's an old fashion term meant to connote sophistication and whatever goes with that. It's also meant Europe but Europe's not what it used to be and these paintings of mine aren't on that continent. They were recently sold to a client in Asia because that's where the action is n'est-ce-pas?

Scott Waterman /2002/ acrylic/unstretched canvas

Scott Waterman /2002/ acrylic/unstretched canvas

This post is kind of rushing it because I really don't have anything but these quick snapshots of the installation. Better images will follow I hope. I just want to make sure my readers were kept on their toes with no idea what I might paint or post next.

Is it working? Are you in toe stand?

Thank you and be seeing you.

Attention! Update! This project has been published. Please see my new post which includes a link to the online version of Interiors Magazine.


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