Sunday, December 26, 2010

Walking On Thin Ice

Lake Michigan from the penthouse.

The Navy Pier, another view from the penthouse.

The exterior of 840 Lake Shore Drive.

I might also be dreaming of a boat to help me out of here, a toyboat. Oh, but that's another Yoko Ono song. I'll stick with the thin ice metaphor especially since many of my readers are literally looking at ice and deciding whether or not to walk on it. If you're an artist it's just what you do. Walking on thin ice.

A part of the hall in between my two paintings.
Check it out. (If you can find it!) I'm in Luxe Magazine

My painting in the east rotunda.
The plan view. 

Ok, we're going to Chicago and of course this was winter so all this was ice. Even before I left Los Angeles I knew what I was going to paint but I'd never been to Chicago so I had to go and see the lake. The water, the melting ice, and the fog all blending just as I imagined it. Well, I'm a student of Whistler, don't you know?

My original Photoshop collage proposal.

Warming it up.
My maquette: it was sent to Chicago and returned a little mangled but you get the idea.

Looking into my maquette.

Everyone one of my projects is unique to its placement. I have to think I bring a fresh perspective, an outsider's eyes to the far flung locations where my work resides. Perhaps knowing my time there is brief I quickly distill the essence and serve it up. 

Studio view, Culver City.
The installation process.

On the left, looking east. On the right, looking west.
840 Lake Shore Drive penthouse floor plan.
My work is in the center hallway (in yellow).
My east rotunda painting is the little oval on the right. (see above)
My west rotunda painting is the little circle on the left. (see below)

On the other hand my clients deserve a lot of credit because I'm creating something they've never seen before. That's a leap of faith. Thank you Kara and Jessica! Jessica LaGrange came back to me a second time when her client took the rest of the floor in the building designed by her husband. This time prairie was the inspiration or was it Rothko


My original proposal for the west rotunda.
My painted maquette for the west rotunda painting
Studio view, Los Angeles. The prairie abstracted.

My installed work, the west rotunda, a Chicago penthouse,
840 Lakes Shore Drive.

See you in the prairie, on the water, and wherever, until next time. 


  1. just breathtaking. what a great space to design for. congratulations my talents friend!

  2. Thanks Lynn, my talented friend!

    I love Chicago! Never even visited before the work took me there. I've been missing so much.

  3. Hi Scott...they are so lucky to have you paint their penthouse. So much. I love Chicago .... been waayyy too long since I've been there. Have some Mexican food, and if anything is worth straying from your healthy ways, it's Hot Dougs!
    Miss you.

  4. Hi Sue, my talented friend! Fortunately I'm not in Chicago now!

    We should meet there sometime and eat some hot dougs.


  5. Thanks for a year of amazing creativity! With Best Wishes to you into the New Year 2011!

  6. I'm so glad you show the various stages of your work - it's always an inspiration to see what you're doing. Am I repeating myself? Yes, I seem to say it every time I visit! Merry Christmas, Scott!

  7. Thank you Elizabeth for your beautifully designed books, unique blog(ging), and your thoughtful comments! Onward and upward to 2011.

  8. Thank you Mark! I so appreciate you taking to the time to comment! It really means a lot to me.

    And holidaze cheer to you in the frozen wilds of Sarasota.

  9. Whoops! Make that the wilds of St.Pete!

  10. Truly beautiful! Very well done! Enjoy the lovely day, Kellie xx

  11. Thanks Kellie! I might enjoy the day even more if I were in Sydney!

  12. This is just the sort of detailed stuff I eat up---finished work, maquettes, drawings, etc. Wonderful work.

  13. That's sort of the best compliment to my blog because it's exactly the reason I started it.

  14. You've done well. It's beautiful.
    A handshake!

  15. Stunning. I love your color palette and sensibility. The process shots are a really neat look into your working methods. Very inspiring.


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