Friday, December 10, 2010

More Songs About Books And Mags

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Are you following me? You remember the forced perspective trompe l'oeil mural in my last post? Yes, the one published in Trompe L'Oeil At Home. Well what I didn't tell you is that it had actually been published a few years before in HG (magazine). HG March 1988 was the newly redesigned ( and renamed) House and Garden magazine with its new editor, Anna Wintour. You know, the one who wears Prada? I guess maybe that came after when someone decided she'd be happier at Vogue, strike a pose.

So I was in the first new editor, new look House and Garden and now I'm in the first new editor, new look Architectural Digest. Is there any significance? If there is I hope it's above and beyond the rather obscure and insignificant way that my work is shown in both. Listen. I'm extremely grateful. They spelled my name right but my website, Windsor's website, and  my blog posts show that silver leaf room much more explicitly and deliciously don't you think?

Much of the pond area lives behind a sofa! (detail on right)

I do like the January A.D. cover but permit me to suggest alternatives. Vote for the one you like best and you won't hurt my feelings if you like the original. I probably like it best myself but there's so much of that room that's left out, seems a shame.So I give you more.

Click on Tumblr for more pictures of this and other projects. Thanks!

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  1. Scott, you can delete this comment - I'm just checking in to say your "So I give you more" link isn't working. Mark

  2. Thanks Mark! I often make mistakes and frequently find them in old posts which I then correct. No one has ever called me on an error so I appreciate you letting me know. The link seems to work now. I linked to my publication page. I try to get people to look at those but they rarely do. I even changed the instructions for viewing to red but still people most often just stare and the titles and move on.

  3. i gave up on AD years ago so it's nice to know it's getting revamped and possibly will be worth looking at again. and for the record i'd buy anything with your work on the cover! congratulations on the press!

  4. Lynne, true confession: I don't have much interest in any decorating magazines and rarely look at them. I didn't even know I was in A.D. until news broke in the blogsphere.

  5. I revisited to enjoy all your links, and I'm excited about seeing you in the new AD, which I will look for today. I have to admit though, that the interior that I found most exciting was your very own house, in the Italian publication! ... Mark

  6. Thanks Mark. Of course that place in Italian Casa Vogue is long gone.


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