Monday, October 18, 2010

Meeting Street

Hello Blog Readers!

(Please click on photos to enlarge.)

Did I ever tell you about the work I did at The Planter's Inn? It was long ago, 1999 or so. I painted a mural for the bar. The bar may have a name but I don't know it. I do know the name of the restaurant adjoining. It's The Peninsula Grill and I have some work there as well, two of my mirror pieces. You can see part of one of those on the Planter's Inn website but I'm including my own photos of the mural because I happen to have a few, though not especially good ones. (Position your mouse/cursor over the small picture above and click for a larger version.)

Charleston, S.C. is the peninsula/city in reference. That's where bar, restaurant, and Inn are. I'm thinking of Charleston because I'm currently working on another mural that's going to be installed there, well near there. I'll blog about that later. So back to Charleston, you should go. Great historic architecture and lot's of tasty places to eat. If you don't want to splurge for the Peninsula Grill you might try Hank's Seafood. I've been there a few times I think. I met Harry Connick Junior there and he bought me dinner! OK, it wasn't just he and I. It was probably a table of eight or so and I was there because it's the location of another of my Charleston murals, a frieze. Amelia Handegan designed the interiors for the Grill and Hank's and she was starting a project with Harry. I was just along for the ride but I do remember Harry vividly. Really sort of wild and boisterous as if he were drunk but he doesn't drink. And yes he liked my painting too.

What do you think?


I've been to the bar since I posted this entry and took some more photos which I've added below:

These new shots give a truer account of the atmosphere.
OK, one more drink then let's think about dinner.


  1. What do I think? I think you can do no wrong when you have a paint brush in your hand. Beautiful!

  2. I don't think, I know these are beautiful.
    Do you put a protective glaze or varnish over them?
    David, NYC

  3. Kevin! My most faithful reader and commenter! Thank you so much.

    David, Thank you! Btw my paintings aren't fragile though I usually do put some sort of clear coat on top.

  4. I love the personal touch a mural can bring to an open public space! This one is wonderful!

  5. Oh, yes, and a mural works with the architecture in a way a grouping of framed pictures cannot.

  6. Scott, I love this mural, and I am particularly taken with the its textural qualities - I would have loved to be watching over your shoulder as you worked. Maybe for another mural. I'll bring the wine and cheese, and promise not to ask too many questions. ... Mark

  7. Thanks Mark!

    This one does have a lot of texture(s). I think I had a sample of brown damask fabric on the banquettes and was influenced by it.

  8. Charleston is one of my favorite places. But not in the summer. Too hot.

    I can't remember if I have been to the Planters Inn; but I must not have been or I would remember your painting there.

    Have been to Hanks and also a wonderful Italian place not too far from there....

    You are making me wish I was in Charleston right now...

  9. Wonderful bog posts! I love seeing your work and where it ends up after you've created it.


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