Thursday, October 11, 2012

You Know the Type.

You know the type.
I drove what is otherwise a healthy walk to the Clark Library. They had an open house on Tuesday which included a lecture on Eric Gill. The Clark houses Eric Gill's library and personal papers and is an unbelievable beautiful place, okay, it's believable, it's just that it's such a surprise given it's location, a modest working class neighborhood. It is in fact basically in my 'hood. It's a shame I didn't stay for the lecture. I bet it was good. You should read the Wikipedia entry on Gill. It will curl you hair. 

The approach to the Clark Library.
This is the back of the Clark  Actually there was a good turn out for the open house. Everyone else is crowded around the buffet. It's that tight cluster of people to the left of the building.
A beautiful autumn evening.
Oh dear. The Clark needs help. Don't we all?
It's nice to see the modernist touches in this place that is otherwise so redolent of  the Renaissance.
Okay, let's go inside, shall we? This is what you see immediately upon entering the front door. You owe it to yourself to click on this image to see it larger.

So I didn't hear the talk and can't speak to it but I will give you a number of snapshots and then you can supply me with your own personal story of Gill Sans Light, Floriated Capitals, or Perpetua Greek. Or tell me about you own neighborhood rare books library housed in an ornately decorated edifice. 

Look at these two! Naked and casual as can be.
Those nudes face this view of one of the library rooms stacked double height with books.
I mean just look at all those books! And this is but a small fraction.
Are those chairs ergonomic?
This is where the lectures are held.

I could be wrong but this painting smacks of Hollywood set work but I suppose that's the sort of mindset you develop when you live here. Everything looks like some kind of Oz.

There were some wonderful sketch books and assorted ephemera from Eric Gill in glass cases lining the central hall of The Clark. And the book shelves had even more, Gill sculptures, books, posters, so much.

He's sketching Gothic tracery and thinking type. I just know it.
That shadowy bit  really makes this view.
Love the subtly of this.
Here we really get into Eric's head.
A pictorial diary. Isn't that fun?

This shot and the one above are not the best. I was shooting through glass so that's a challenge.
Here's some of his work in stone.
This caught my eye. Not Gill but isn't this great? The Clark is so rich.
The intercom system at The Clark Library, my final image, along with my usual plea to please leave a comment! And I thank you very much.


  1. Scott how fascinating! Wonderful images, The Clark Library is magnificent! I certainly want to read more about Eric Gill! Thank you!

    Art by Karena

  2. I'm sorry to say I don't know of Eric Gill, but I will certainly look him up in Wikipedia now!!

  3. Really? Gill Sans? It's so ubiquitous. Oh well, I guess I'm sorry to say he's the only type designer I can name.

  4. Wow, Scott! I'll never use Gill Sans again without certain images crowding in!

  5. I've got Eric Gill : a lover's quest for art and God on reserve at the library.

  6. The Clark Library is Stunning..I did not know about Gill! Grand photos

  7. now that's a library! what an apropos setting for this collection. I will have to put the Clark on my list for a future visit in LA. and your studio too!

  8. Really Lynne? I think the man who invented Gill Sans, a type face stripped of embellishment, would be more appropriate in a case study house rather than ersatz Renaissance. Still The Clark does a great job showing whatever they've got and they've got a lot.

  9. How fantastic is this! How have I never heard of it -how fantastic!


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