Friday, January 28, 2011

Is That All There Is?

Is That All There Is?

If that's all there is my friends, then let's keep dancing.

I guess in my case that would be keep painting, although, dancing may well serve as a metaphor for painting or whatever it is you have to do. I think I may have mentioned somewhere in this blog that when I was in art school I avoided painting. It seemed done, effete.

Someone should have told me, yes it's done, it's effete now keep doing it. Of course that could have been me. I could have told myself.

Look at these ridiculous paintings. I can't tell you much about them. They're my copies of some sort of primitive, itinerant, outsider artist's works which I created for a client of Amelia Handegan's. (I'm told they will be installed soon.)

Are they 19th century? 18th? I don't know. Whatever the reference they are now 21st century paintings and they have that kind of exuberance and playfulness that we can't help being attracted to.

Scott Waterman's studio.

Know what I mean?


  1. I think I do. I really rather love these, and that you've captured the spirit and intent---the dancing figures are divine. Amazed at your range, and how you got 'into' the spirit of these

    Silly? Not really.

  2. I've always loved outsider artists -domestic and imported. I discovered Rufus Porter about thirty years ago and did some murals inspired by his work.

    These panels are based on paintings that were described to me as "hand-painted wallpapers" So they may have been a sort of production item. I'm inclined to believe that because it seems like there was more than one hand at work. I've been waited to post them until I got some installation shots but it's been almost a year since I received the commission.

  3. Scott, I really like these paintings. The wonderful movement, almost an ethereal quality with the soft palette!

    Art by Karena


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