Monday, July 5, 2010

Ojai On The Fifth Of July

Marcel Duchamp, Francis Picabia, and Beatrice Wood

I went back to Ojai today for a meeting with my fabulously fortunate clients who have to my mind what most anybody in the world would love to have. Their spread, a few acres just outside of town, could hardly be more lovely. There's a ramshackle house that has been completely rebuilt and is sited just above a rocky creek. There's a red barn and a couple of out buildings currently under construction to house guests. My part in all of this will be small but I feel privileged to be able to fantasize that this is mine and my friends and family have come to share it with me.

I'll update my blog with the work I do there when it has been realized. I hope it will be soon. Following it's completion I have an enormous commission for a mural on the other side of the country so I must get busy.

Oh, btw, since this is Ojai and Beatrice Wood is part of the local folklore the house came with a few example of her work, some tiles that bare her unmistakable stick figure gestures. You do know that that Beatrice Wood is pivotal in the introduction of modern art to America, don't you? If not follow my links.

Tile drawings by Beatrice Wood

Thank you so much my dear readers from near and far. I so appreciate your taking the time to visit my modest little blog.


  1. No Scott, thank you for sharing so much that is special! Very excited to see your new work!

    Art by Karena

  2. Thank you Karena!

    Inexplicably it took a number of days for your comment to show. Part of the mysterious internet Blogger/Google I guess.

  3. Scott, Ojai is such an amazing town... great photos, and I am curious to see what your project is for this client.

    I really enjoy your blog, full of passion, and sincerity.

    all the best,

  4. Thank you David John!

    Your blog is a constant inspiration.

  5. I do love Ojai but on academic rivalry I have to love Carpinteria first. Your blog is outstanding and I love to visit it; its best aspect is its disposition, which (as we see) you can take anywhere.

  6. Laurent, thank you so much for visiting. I'll take your word for it and am prepared to have a wonderful Carpinteria experience.


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