Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring Forward Fall Back

Pensive bust at the High Museum, Atlanta

 Does daylight savings time count if your outside you're time zone when it kicks in?  It does and the ricochet effect of flying back and forth across the country and back to a place where for me it all began is a little discombobulating.

3100 Andrews Drive, the place of my grisaille foyer mural.
This helicopter view shows the back of the house and guest house.
Look! I found the house I was looking for (in my last blogpost).
Atlanta was snowing in white blossoms.

I have so much new  material for Corbu's Cave from my trips to Atlanta, Charleston, and Wadmalaw but it will have to wait. So here's a mini post with just a few choice pix.  

Atlanta's midtown towers from the Botanical Garden.

In My Father's House Are Many Mansions
Detail view of a Howard Fenster at the High, Atlanta.

Outside the High Museum of Art.

Somewhere in Charleston.


  1. wow, love that mirror piece! i was in berlin when the change happened. i am not sure if it contributed to the jet lag or my overall tardiness but imo the best cure for it is a rainstorm, an excuse to roll over.

  2. Hi Lynn!

    You must mean the Howard Finster. It's mostly layers of glass (or plexiglass). A friend I went to school with knew about him and we went to see him just before he hit the big time. We were there too for the opening of his first show at a tony NYC gallery in 1980.

    Look him up and you'll find tons of info.

  3. huge howard finster fan, scott. so great to know you are, too.


  4. Hi Donna,

    Yeah, my friend Sue knew of him since she grew up in Cave Spring (Georgia) which was close to where he lived. I think the first time we went to see him he kept us up way past my bed time telling us story after story...kind of fascinating but without rhyme, reason or logic. When we attended his opening at the Phyllis Kind Gallery (1980) in Soho he also spoke at length until Phyllis had to cut him off.


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