Friday, March 25, 2011

Melrose Project

Detail of "110"
My painting titled "110" from 2005.
ink, watercolor, gouache on rag paper 11" x 15"
Another number for a title. This one's "134" done in 2006.
ink, watercolor, gouache on rag paper 11" x 15"

My trip to the South was Saturday through Saturday and shortly after my plane touched down back in California one of my agents, Joanna Burke, called, then dropped by my studio to pick up a couple of my works for an installation. 

On the left my works installed at the PDC.
On the right, a shot taken from The Melrose Project looking toward the PDC.

The entry space at The Melrose Project. Just look at the scale of the rug and that table.  Marvelous.
There's something called West Week going on in L.A. which is a brouhaha meant to goose the PDC. Showrooms have cocktail parties and such but I have to tell you it was across the street at a venue named The Melrose Project where it was happening. 

Chic to Chic designer crowd at The Melrose Project.
This was just last night and despite our unseasonably cold and rainy weather the design cognoscenti dressed up and turned out to see and be seen.

Just look at that amazing marquetry and the painted chest!
Love that anthropomorphic table and the outrageous Baroque mirror.
Ok, here's something I really liked at the PDC. The pair of cast stone benches.
My garden would love those.
The planting on the right is actually next to The Melrose Project.
It's a garden design by Judy Kameon.

If I didn't meet you there last night please, won't you leave a comment just to say hello? 


  1. I didn't make it to WestWeek, but one of my neckpieces was supposed to be on display. Not sure where....but I love the Melrose Project. Thanks for sharing:)

  2. Hi Carla, Too bad you don't know where otherwise I could look for your piece and report back to you. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a note.

  3. That painted chest looks like one of yours. I wish I could be there for the show - it looks like one would draw a lot of inspiration from it!

  4. Thanks Mark. I marvel at that chest but can hardly imagine coming up with such a design. It's so eccentric.

    Btw you should follow my link to The Melrose Project which leads to still more links to the various dealers whose wares go into the project. Wonderful stuff.

  5. Hi, Scott!
    I should have checked back sooner....thanks for the offer anyway. My piece was in a display for decor. Hope you had a great time!


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