Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Dining in Hong Kong

I had a wonderful time in Hong Kong: great food, friendly natives, exotic sights, and a little shopping. My working vacation was the culmination of a commission project for BAMO begun in 2001. Through the design process and various scheduling and logistical issues I didn't actually go for the installation until 2003. The last delay I had to contend with was the SARS threat . In fact I had my ticket and travel plans arranged while the news from Hong Kong about a mysterious illness grew increasingly alarming. I had to cancel just days before my flight but ended up going a few months later.

Having lived in San Francisco for many years Hong Kong wasn't a cultural shock and although my installers and I had a language barrier things went quite smoothly. There was a bit of trouble getting the large octagonal panel up even with all the hands available so I suggested the "T" shaped device which the carpenters quickly constructed. (see the smiling face above.)

I was able to see the dining room largely complete by the time I left. There's a table that seats 100 people I think and an enormous chandelier made in France by Claire Cormier Fauvel that in decorator speak is "to die for". The mirrored lazy susan holds enough dim sum for the immediate family and one or two guests. I didn't eat there but the clients very kindly took me out for a day trip in their 125' yacht. We stopped at some little fishing village for take out which was quite tasty. I'll post a pic of the yacht and a few more of Hong Kong in my next post.

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