Monday, November 23, 2015


An exterior shot taken March 2015.
My dining room mural with furnishings.

A view through to the dining and living rooms from the kitchen/family room.

Happy Thanksgiving from Essex, Connecticut, New England, U.S.A.! What a fitting place to be, quintessentially American, for perhaps the one national holiday that’s so good it’s worth exporting. Here at last are shots of my mural commission for this charming period home right in the center of town. I bring you a combination of installation shots that show during, after, and furnished. 

The electrician kindly installed the chandelier so I could some idea of the finished look.

There was great attention to detail on this job like the latest in old fashion light switches.

That wall left of center next to the window is actually completely covered by a hutch.

This a small house and yet it has an elevator. It's that door on the left.

This composition depicts a rocky outcropping that's typically New England.

Here's John Nalewaja during installation. His first installation for me was in 1999 (I think!).

Here's the view immediately upon entering. So my mural is likely the first thing you notice.

 This was a charmed job from the beginning and I like to think that comes through in the results. The designers Maximilian Sinsteden and Catherine Olasky could not have been more kind, respectful, and engaged throughout the initial discussion, design process, and installation. And their client made intelligent comments and suggestions which benefitted the final results. 

But what do you think of it?


  1. This is lovely Scott! Such a calm atmosphere it creates, and the painting is so evocative of New England. I love the shot where you can see the mural through the doorways- in a house like this it so important to consider that this mural will not just be the room mural but appear as artwork viewed from other rooms.

    1. Thanks Lynne! For such small job it was complicated in that there are 23 separate planes. The architecture of this room is defined more by the rooms around it.


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