Saturday, February 12, 2011

Ready For My Close-Up

 I saw Nixon in China today. It was a live broadcast from the New York Metropolitan Opera at Frank Sinatra Hall, USC. No doubt it is thrilling in person but the close-ups we got were amazing and I'm sure much more than those in NYC could see even front row center. Peter Sellars himself directed the broadcast and he seemed to have a number of flying cameras at his disposal.

But I digress because this post isn't about opera or Adams but Chase as in Linda Chase. Of course I'm in this too. I'll be your mirror, reflect who you are, in case you don't know. Linda Chase is one of the most chic decorators I've never met. Well, we've met on the phone but really we should meet in person. I know I'm ready for my close-up (look) at Nu-Vignette, Linda's new chic little shop in Summerland.

Linda has a number of my mirror images at Nu-Vingnette and she sent me close-ups (photos) taken in the shop which should whet your appetite for seeing the real thing. If Summerland's too long a drive from where you are go to Amazon or some other bookseller and order Linda's fabulous book on Beidermeier. Yes, she wears a lot of hats. Hats are back, you know?


  1. Are your mirrors lithographs? Silkscreens? I really like the texture you've achieved. And that wallpaper makes everything pop!

  2. Hi Mark!

    There is a limited edition of four different mirror images but the piece you see here is graphite on vellum mounted on canvas. Follow my links for other mirror images.

  3. The wallpaper in the first image is absolutely amazing!

  4. Hi Scott love your latest works and finally took more time to go through your website; amazing!

    Linda sounds fascinating..does she have a site?

    Art by Karena

  5. Hi Karena and thanks!

    Re: Linda -Yes! Click on the words in my post for more info on "Linda" and "Nu-Vingnette".

    P.s. Half of my scottwatermanartist website is in the form of PDFs. If you're interested click on the titles on my publications page.


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