Sunday, August 29, 2010

Power Point

Here's a first:

I recently put together a Power Point Presentation and delivered it to one of the top design firms. I wasn't about to get into fades and dissolves, background music, and what have you.

For the meeting I also brought a number of my paintings on paper. I had notes for all the images I showed.

It was a mixture of my work and historical examples for context. For me it was a perfectly natural blend because it's all the sort of thing I keep in my head anyway. The notes were dates, some names, and other facts I didn't memorize and as it turns out I didn't use.

Did I hear crickets chirping? Almost. I was nervous and yet too busy to be nervous. It was kind of an out of body experience.

The premise of my talk was borrowed from this blog, Corbu's Cave. I showed pictures of le Corbusier, nude even. There are probably enough notes and images from my presentation for at least three blog entries. So what's the point of me showing more of my collages instead? Not sure but I have the power to do whatever I want. Power Point or is it the power to have no point?


  1. Get it!
    Brave and very adventurous! Noble and still a bit reserved.
    Love the collages too.
    The power of the keypad, quite an interesting tool of the modern artist!

  2. Thx L.!

    I so appreciated your time and attention.

  3. I believe it is called artistic license,, no?

    Clever and talented a different way to look at Power Point that sometimes can be so banal -- a good media often misused.

    Your work is sublime and your humor hilarious .


  4. I have never seen a powerpoint with this much creativity and it works perfectly!! Great job Scott.

    Art by Karena

  5. Thanks Joanny!

    Karena, This is not my Power Point! I posted collages instead. I'll post images from my P.P. in the future. Stay tuned.

  6. in the head is one thing- the expression on paper with paint or paper is the art that I so appreciate. yes, power to the painter.

  7. scott , i adore these collages! gorgeous......

  8. Patricia, thanks so much for stopping by. I'm so honored to have you.

    David John, Thanks, I need the encouragement. My collages are mostly old. I need to get back to them.

  9. Power Point ????????????
    I really don't get it. Sorry

  10. I'm sorry too but you don't have to get everything -especially to enjoy something.

  11. "Whatever it is you're selling...I'm buying!" Your imagery always wins me over. Those peeps up in SF have exquisite taste.

    Your quatrefoil reminds me...I need to finish my living room wall treatment...

    Those crickets musta been loud in that room with the arched ceiling :)


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